5 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Real Estate

Summer is approaching and home buyers are on the hunt for their perfect home. Here are 5 tips to help sell your Los Angeles home fast.

1) Landscaping / Curb Appeal


No one gets a second first-impression, not even your home.  Image is everything when it comes to selling your home. Hire a landscaper to give your lawn a clean and well-kept look. The “landscape” includes the visible features of the outside of your home. You want buyers to feel like calling the place their home the moment they step out the car.  An enhanced landscape can also turn drive by viewers into buyers.

2) Fresh Paint

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Nothing screams “new” like the scent of freshly painted walls.  It will bring much-needed crispness to your home and allow buyers to feel new beginnings. Make sure to place importance to the selection of the paint colors. Alpaca by Sherwin Williams is always a great go-to.

3) Standout Photos & Aerial Shots


Attractive marketing of your home reaps good results. For the best chances of selling your home fast, hire a professional photographer who has experience in real estate.  You may also mention to your photographer about aerial shots.  Aerial shots allow for potential buyers to view the neighborhood.  It is almost impossible to sell a house without professional quality photos to show.  They drastically help spark buyers interest in the home. 

4) Install a New Front Door


If your front door is less than noteworthy, consider installing a new one.  One of the first features a buyer sees is the front door welcoming them home.  Mounting a seasonal wreath on the door will add to curb appeal.  Houzz.com has many options for your front door choice.  Click here for image inspirations.

5) The Right Price


Setting the right price of your home is a tricky task.  Price low and hope for a bidding war?  Price above average and leave wiggle room?  Consult with your agent to know the value of your home and current market prices.  After efficient research, you will decide on the perfect balance.  


I hope these tips were helpful to you while on your home-selling endeavor.  Best of luck!

- Joe